My name is Jacob Cook. I'm 29 years old and I currently live in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I'm a software engineer at Busbud. My areas of professional interest are software engineering, entrepreneurship, web development, systems administration, digital rights and writing/journalism. 👋

I'm a web developer, passionate about creating quality software with a purpose.

When it comes to technology, I'm most interested in the intersection between design / UX and decentralization / privacy rights. As such I spend my time contributing to open source projects that can make an impact in these areas. I was the founder of arkOS, a project designed to make self-hosting common Web services easy for the general public. arkOS advocated for a freer, more secure, and notably a more decentralized Internet for everyone, and my work on this project was featured in VentureBeat, FastCompany, Der Spiegel, Heise and many other leading media sites. I'm also the guy behind Skylark, a new project that aims to be the privacy-respecting personal cloud of the future. ☁️

I'm also a bike-rider, an explorer, a music lover, an amateur photographer, and more.

I enjoy reading and writing about life, technology, politics, the environment, and media studies. The blog on this site primarily serves as an outlet for hashing out my thoughts in these areas. At least for the things that can't be contained in a tweet or a toot. 📣

I attended Concordia University in the pursuit of a bachelor's degree in Political Science and the French language. My other interests include cycling, photography, film and media studies, travelling, reading, video games and electronic music. 🎵

My PGP public key ID is 0x8F00446AE49F2D26.