Let's work together.

I'm a full-stack software developer with the experience and vision it takes to make your ambitious project a reality. I've been working in app and website development for several years now, both in open source and for commercial clients, with some impressive projects under my belt.

I'm not available for full-time contracts at the moment, but would love to discuss helping you with your side project or hourly consulting needs. My CV is available here.

Jacob has been a powerful contribution to our company and our client experience; providing complete work with excellence, timeliness and velocity. Jeff Butler, Haury's Lake City Collision

Web Development ⋅ DevOps ⋅ Systems Programming ⋅ API Wrangling and Design ⋅ Mapping and GIS ⋅ Mobile Apps ⋅ Web Design ⋅ Project Management ⋅ Deployment and Testing

Python ⋅ Flask ⋅ Django ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ Node.js ⋅ Express ⋅ Docker ⋅ React ⋅ Ember.js ⋅ Angular ⋅ Leaflet ⋅ jQuery ⋅ HTML/CSS ⋅ Ansible ⋅ NGINX ⋅ PostgreSQL ⋅ PostGIS ⋅ MongoDB ⋅ MariaDB ⋅ Redis ⋅ Windows ⋅ macOS ⋅ Linux ⋅ Git ⋅ Agile ⋅ TDD