Sylow — Sylow is a personal data store and exchange system, founded on principles of sharing and encryptability, upon which a wide variety of client applications can be built. It prioritizes a flexible, extensible schema and simple API and operation.

  Skylark — Skylark provides virtual environments (we call them "nests") in which you can store your files, media, calendars, emails and much more. Access your stuff through a clean, easy-to-use web interface, or a wide variety of third-party applications.

Open Source Repos & Libraries

  python-nginx — Create and modify nginx serverblock configs in Python

  python-ngrok — Python bindings for ngrok local and Link APIs

  python-rage4dns — Python bindings for RAGE4 DNS API

Past Projects

  arkOS — A server management and operating system, promoting decentralization and self-hosting of services; featuring a visual interface, app store-like functionality and extensive development API.

  Firestarter — Django-based self-hosted crowdfunding platform, with plugins for PayPal, Stripe and Bitcoin.

  CitizenWeb Guides — A comprehensive walkthrough and guide to Digital Sovereignty. Explaining Linux, Personal Data Servers, and Free Software for the security-minded activist and user.